A massage from Heather is an utterly transformative experience. I am always completely at peace when Heather works on me, and I leave there feeling totally renewed. My physical health and my spirit have both benefited beyond words from Heather’s incredible skill. It’s truly an investment in my well-being. Go see her—the sooner, the better!
— Jennifer M.
Heather recognized the symptoms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and treated [my symptoms] aggressively. After several massages my symptoms were gone and my shoulder, neck and arm muscles remain loose between treatments. I have been seeing a chiropractor for several years...and he credits my...alignment between chiro sessions to Heather’s technique. You’re in good hands with Monarch!
— Dave M.
Heather was born to be a healer...She has an innate ability to provide technical healing all while creating a relaxing environment and experience. So many times you get one or the other; it is very rare to find the marriage of the two. After a treatment with Heather, there is a tangible and intangible transformation you can feel with your whole body and soul. If you are looking for true results, I highly recommend setting up your first appointment with Heather. It will be the first of many!
— Marcia G.
...Heather’s massages are excellent and very attentive to areas of soreness and stiffness. She has also improved the texture of the scar tissue on my back. I always feel relaxed and renewed after she works on me!
— Denise T.