Autumn Qigong and Yin Yoga with Heather

8 week series
Wednesday evenings
October 2 - November 20

Join Heather for this 8-week series of deep stretch and invigorating qigong practice. In this series we will be working with the lung and large intestine meridians in the Chinese medicine series. These organs are associated with grief and letting go of things that no longer serve us. Dive deep into the layers of connective tissue and release old scars both physical, emotional and spiritual. Heal old wounds and create space for more joy with these gentle and introspective self healing practices. Space is limited, please register online. $95

Hatha Yoga for Strength and Vitality with Heather

8 Week Series
Saturday Mornings
October 5 - November 23

In this 8-week session we will work with asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation practices to increase strength and flexibility and expand natural vitality. The pace of the class will be slow with an emphasis on proper alignment and overall well being. This class is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. If you have wanted to try yoga, this is your class! Space is limited, please register online. $95

Tai Chi with Adam

6 Week Series
Sunday Mornings
October 13 - November 17
9 - 10:30am

Tai Chi is an ancient art form originating from China. The focus is on deep breathing accompanied by gentle, fluid movements. Often referred to as meditation in motion, Tai Chi has a number of benefits ranging from improved balance and agility, to reduced stress and chronic pain. Participants will learn movements from the Yang style form, as well as simple movements they can take into their everyday lives. $75


Qigong for Cultivating Dynamic Happiness with Adam

1 Day Event
Saturday, September 28
10am - 12pm

 Qigong is a Chinese healing art that incorporates breathing, meditation, slow movements, and visualization to move Qi throughout the body. “Qi” translates as vital life energy, and “gong” means cultivation or practice. The movements taught in this workshop are designed to ease tension in the body, reduce stress, improve balance and overall health. Participants will also learn Qigong exercises to strengthen and empower their Dantians, or “elixer fields” to improve their vitality, love, and wisdom. $25