42 Prospect St., Topsham, Maine
Monarch Massage
  Transformational Bodywork & Therapeutic Massage

        Heather Goulette, LMT

Massage is a wonderfully relaxing way to increase immunity, improve circulation, and reduce stress, along with alleviating muscle tension/pain and improving flexibility in joints. As a practitioner, I am interested in working with people to improve their overall health and well-being, and to reduce muscle pain and tension. I offer an integrative massage including Swedish techniques, deep tissue and trigger point work, energetic touch and passive joint stretching. The result is an experience that is both relaxing and beneficial to your health.

Massage has a transformative effect on not only the body, but also the mind by facilitating deep relaxation.  As a therapist, I want to help people get to this place of relaxation, where it is possible to let go of built-up tension in the muscles.
Taking a moment to stop and care for yourself can be the catalyst you need to let go of the stress you've been carrying and fly away on new wings!

Monarch Massage
Heather Goulette, LMT
    42 Prospect St., Topsham, ME 04086
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A massage from Heather is an utterly transformative experience. I am always completely at peace when Heather works on me, and I leave there feeling totally renewed. My physical health and my spirit have both benefited beyond words from Heather's incredible skill. It's truly an investment in my well-being. Go see her--the sooner, the better! - Jennifer M.

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